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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Clinic staff will explain the information set out below before undertaking any work on your case. Please feel free to ask clinic staff if you do not understand any part of the information, or to ask a friend or relative or other person known to you or otherwise (such as a translator) to assist you with the information.


How information about you will be used

We will use your information to help you in connection with the legal problem you have come to see us about.

Sensitive personal information

Depending on your case we might need to ask you for and to use information about you which is of a sensitive nature, for example information about your health and finances. You do not have to provide us with this information, however if you do not our ability to act on your behalf might be affected.

Contacting third parties about your case

If we need to obtain any information about you from a third party or to convey any information about you to a third party for the purpose of assisting you we will only do so once you have provided us with your written consent (separate to this Privacy Notice).

Access to and accuracy of your information

You have the right to correct inaccurate information that we hold about you, and in certain cases, to have that personal information deleted by us.

If you wish to have copies of the personal information we hold about you, please provide us with your request (we can assist you with your request). We are obliged to provide you with a free copy of the personal information that you request within 1 month.


How long information about you will be retained by us

We will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary, which will depend on the type of information held and the reason for holding it.

How long will we keep your information?

We will keep information about you only for as long:

  • as to comply with any legal requirement concerning your information;
  • in the event that a complaint is made;
  • as to ensure that information about you is accurate and up to date; and,
  • for the purposes of research and statistical analysis.

Once we decide that it is no longer necessary to keep your information we will either delete it form our records or remove any reference to you.